The DESSERT (DEpendable and Secure Software Engineering and Real-Time Systems) research group at the Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II conducts research in the design, the assessment, and the verification of dependable, secure, and real-time systems. Such systems often have requirements for dependability, security, and temporal behaviors. These requirements may contradict one another. By providing unified software engineering methodologies and techniques to assess system response times, dependability, and security during the entire design process, the research group defines and applies new engineering principles to the design and the verification of critical systems.



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Marcello Cinque
Associate Professor
Roberto Natella
Associate Professor
Roberto Pietrantuono
Associate Professor
Luigi De Simone
Assistant Professor
Raffaele Della Corte
Assistant Professor
Pietro Liguori
Assistant Professor
Antonio Guerriero
Assistant Professor

Postdoctoral Researchers and Research Fellows

Vittorio Orbinato
Postdoctoral Researchers
Alessio Foggia
Research Fellow
Davide De Vita
Research Fellow

Visiting Researchers

Prof. Peter Popov
City University London; October 25 - November 25, 2016
Dr. Nuno Silva
Critical Software, Coimbra - Portugal; January 2011
Dr. Ricardo Barbosa
Critical Software, Oporto - Portugal; July 2010
Dr. Archit Gupta
Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati; May-July 2005

Former Researchers

Stefano Rosiello
Now at Critiware s.r.l.
Antonio Pecchia
Now at UNISANNIO (Associate Professor)
Christian Esposito
Now at UNISA (Associate Professor)
Antonio Ken Iannillo
Now at SnT, University of Luxembourg (Research Scientist)
Francesco Fucci
Now at Lighthouse Financial Technologies, Netherlands
Anna Lanzaro
Now at NIER Ingegneria SpA, Italy
Ugo Giordano
Now at Red Hat, Inc., Italy
Fabio Scippacercola
Now at Fervento (Co-Founder), Italy
Flavio Frattini
Now at Cosmopol S.p.A., Italy
Alessandro Testa
Now at Azienda Sanitaria Locale Napoli 3, Italy
Antonio Bovenzi
Now at Banca d'Italia, Italy
Massimo Ficco
Now at UNISA (Professor)
Vincenzo Vecchio
Now at DIETI, UNINA, Italy
Catello Di Martino
Now at Nokia Bell Labs, São Paulo - Brasil
Domenico Di Leo
Now at Hitachi Rail, Italy
Generoso Paolillo
Now at Leonardo, Italy
Gabriella Carrozza
Now at Accenture, Italy
Antonio Strano
Now at Leonardo, Italy
Salvatore Orlando
Now at VMware, USA
Paolo Ascione
Now at Borsa Italiana, Italy
Armando Migliaccio
Now at DigitalOcean, USA
Carmine Pirro
Now at Accenture, Italy
Dr. Almerindo Graziano
Now at HLB Digital, Cyprus, Uk
Fabio Cornevilli
Now at System Management S.p.A., Italy
Dr. Cristiano Di Flora
Now at Weir Minerals, Finland

Research Projects

MOST - Spoke 4

Rail Transportation
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P-Mobility - Borgo 4.0

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MICS - Spoke 4

Smart and sustainable materials for circular and augmented industrial products and processes
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MICS - Spoke 1

Digital Advanced Design: technologies, processes, and tools
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CN1 - HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing
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Edge cloud platform enabled by new intelligent OLT for GPON network
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Federated Learning for Generative Emulation of Advanced Persistent Threats
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